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KWR: Qu'Ry by Blabyloo229 KWR: Qu'Ry by Blabyloo229
The Guardian's silence was making R'Ka increasingly more anxious. He knew they had had dealings with the Kiliaak before, but what did that have to do with Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga?

    {What is the matter? What do you know of Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga?}

Kira translated quickly, but the Guardians remained silent. [Shoji,] she called, [What is wrong with the Guardians? Who is Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga?] But when she turned to face her partner he was as white as a sheet. [Shoji!]

"I know that name Kira, it's from the old legends. Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga is-"

"Ms Takala." Victoria's voice cut Shoji off suddenly, "Ask R'Ka what he knows of his creator. Has he ever seen him?"

R'Ka's facial horns drooped in a frown,  {I do not think you comprehend how old the universe is. Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga created everything you see before you at the beginning of time, aoens ago. He oversaw my own entry into the world, and none but myself have ever seen him.}

"We have." Joseph said calmly.

"And he is dead." Victoria said sharply. "He came to our home world five years into the Kiliaak's invasion.  He took over their leadership and almost destroyed all Earthly life."  Victoria paused, and then added,  "but we killed him."

When he heard Kira's translation Yb looked up at R'Ka, his horns flaring in incredulity. "She killed Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga? Impossible, she is lying."

R'Ka boomed with laughter, {You claim to have killed the creator? Do you take me for a fool? I can't tell if you are trying to bait me into anger.  If so your attempt is piteful. You can't kill the creator, he is everywhere and nowhere at once. You could no more kill the wind.}
Hearing the translation, the Guardians stiffened. Twiggawatt's lips curled into a snarl.  He thought of all the lives lost to Apocalypse's savage attack.  Mothra, Armageddon, Gigantis, even Kronos... He forced his emotions back in check, and slowly held up his hoof. A stream of green light emerged and swirled on the ground. The Vayl jumped back in shock, but R'Ka watched quietly, his tentacles rising defensively.

The light swirled in front of them until it began taking shape. Joseph felt a pit in his stomach grow as he recognized the figure before him. an image of Apocalypse, as huge and terrifying as he had been in life, stood menacingly between the Guardians and R'Ka. The Vayl council gasped in terror, and some fled for safety; only Yb remained unmoved. He looked up at the glowing memory with curiosity.

[By the stars,] Kira said quietly. [Shoji, your ancestors, the Guardians, they fought that beast?]

Shoji nodded quickly, never taking his eyes off the monster. "That's what the legends say.  The stories weren't exaggerating.  That creature is huge!"
R'Ka was equally transfixed. {What is this monstrosity supposed to be?}

[This is your Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga, R'Ka.] Twiggawatt said calmly. [This is the abomination that almost destroyed us all. We knew him as Apocalypse, but the Kiliaak called him Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga, and worshipped him with a frenzy like nothing I've ever seen.]

RangRok dipped its head as Joseph concentrated on his memory of the contaminated Kiliaak soldiers. Light flowed from his mouth, and took the form of one. "They allowed him to infect them like a virus, twisting them into these mindless killers. He was a living poison, contaminating everything he touched." He paused, then said softly, "He infected my wife, turned her into a monster. It took the sacrifice of a Titan to save her, but it took her life years later nonetheless."

"The name brings painful memories to us all, R'Ka. Apocalypse was the greatest threat we've ever faced." Leviathan looked from the apparition to R'Ka. "So I ask you, is the Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga your people know?"

Yb looked from the apparition back to the R'Ka, and he felt his anger building. Every Vayl knew of Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga from the legends passed on by R'Ka. The tales of the mournful creator clashed harshly with the monstrous portrait the Guardians had created. He remembered R'Ka telling him about the creator, how he had watched R'Ka's birth from the planet itself, shaped the creators of the planet into what would become the Vayl, and then departed. R'Ka had always wondered what had become of his creator.  He was the closest thing he had to a father, and to see the creator slandered like this infuriated Yb. He looked angrily at the Guardians, and remembered what he had felt when he briefly clashed with Archangel, the rush he had felt when he blocked her sword and sent her reeling. As his face burned with rage, he wished for the first time in his life that he was in R'Tyra.

{I have never seen this disgusting creature.} R'Ka was calm, and almost seemed relieved. {I do not doubt that you faced a creature that the Kiliaak thought was Ra'Kash-Ter'Aga, and I am sorry for the pain it caused you, but that is not our creator.}

Leviathan breathed a sigh of relief and swept his hand through the apparitions, dispelling them back into their respective creators. "We meant no offense R'Ka, my siblings and I are sensitive to any reminder of that monster. I am glad to hear you have no connection to it."

Unless he's lying... Victoria snarled, Can you really just take his word?

Peace, sister. Leviathan shot back, I'm not so eager for another war.

[I am not so convinced.] Twiggawatt spoke suddenly. [While I believe that the two Ra'Kash-Ter'Agas may not be connected, I am not so sure that there is no connection.] He looked from the Vayl back to R'Ka. [You and your people, you are different from us. I can feel the energy of life flowing through every human and Ganshii present, but I feel something different from you or the Vayl. Obviously you are very much alive, but made of something completely different from us.] He paused for a moment. [It is the same energy from Apocalypse. I wish it weren't true, but there is no forgetting that sensation.]

{You would suggest that the monster is the same as us because of the energy you feel?} The giant's voice was skeptical at best.

[I am sure you feel the same about us, don't you? You're a Guardian for your own people, I know you can feel the difference between us. Victoria tells me you likened it to being close to a fire. If that was just one of us I can only imagine how unpleasant this is for you.]

It was almost unbearable, but R'Ka didn't want to show any weakness in front of the entire Sol Alliance. {It is unpleasant, but manageable.}

[As I thought. Now, we need to discuss the future of our two peoples.]

{I do not see any reason for conflict. Hopefully we can finish this soon.}

Victoria sniffed and said quietly, "You say that now, wait till you hear his request...  Ms. Takala, don't translate that."

[R'Ka, I am requesting that I travel to Tel-Aora to observe your people. I ha-]


Twiggawatt blinked rapidly. [Would you at least hear the rest of what I have to say?]

{No.} The titan simply repeated himself. Kira translated nervously, careful not to carry the cold fury in his words over.

Victoria took a step forward. "I don't think you understand, R'Ka. We aren't asking you for permission. Regardless of your answer, we will be watching the Vayl, your only input is how hard this has to be."

For a moment Kira was too stunned to speak. Victoria had just threatened war, and none of the other Guardians said a word. Leviathan looked uncomfortable, but remained silent.

"Ms. Takala," Victoria's words snapped her out of her worries, "Tell him."

Shakily, she passed on what Victoria had told her. R'Ka's eyes flared, and his tentacles shot straight up.

{How dare you! You bring an army to a meeting for peace, and then demand a hostile occupation of our home? How can you claim to only want peace?}

"No one said anything about an occupation, R'Ka." Leviathan said quickly. He glared at Victoria, When war breaks out, I will remember this moment dear sister.

Victoria flushed bright red and focused on R'Ka. "If you want there to be a war R'Ka rest assured the Sol Alliance will show absolutely no mercy. This is only a fraction of our military might.  This is not a fight you want to start!"

R'Ka was frozen. The situation was slipping out of his control, and as he looked at the massive fleet, his resolve wavered for  a moment. Suddenly, he felt it. A sensation he had not felt in centuries. He looked down at Yb and said, {No matter what happens, don't be afraid.}

His eyes widening, Yb stammered, "Wh-What? What are you about to do?!"

R'Ka smiled reassuringly, and looked back at Victoria. {Bold words Archangel. But you forget,} a shadow passed over him briefly, and before the Guardians could react, an enormous winged figure swept down on them, pulling back at the last second.

{You know nothing about us!}

The beast was an enormous winged monstrosity. Tentacles at the base turned to a winged body, leading up a hideous head with four enormous teeth. It never made a sound, not even when it had flared its wings to come to an immediate halt. It flapped back towards R'Ka and hovered above him, silent.

{This is Qu-Ry. The second guardian of the Vayl.}

Kira translated, but no sooner had she said this, an overwhelming sense of dread swept through Sol forces. Shoji dropped to his knees, clamping his hands onto his head in terror, What the hell? He fought to keep thinking, What is this thing? He tried to get a better look at the creature, but he was unable to look directly at it.

Kira looked around the deck in confusion. The crew was in chaos.  They ran and screamed in panic, even Shoji was white as a sheet. [What is happening?!] She demanded, [R'Ka, what is happening?] but he was silent.

The Guardians were just as shaken up as the rest of the Sol forces, and they fought to keep it hidden.

What the hell is that thing? Sweat dripped down her face as she fought to keep her eyes on the creature.

Victoria! Talos interrupted, speaking for the first time, It's the creature, It's unnerving you all with some kind of mental attack. he paused for a moment, You need to calm yourself down, your heart rate is dangerously high.

Fighting to control her breathing, Victoria shouted out, "Ms. Takala, are you still there?"

[I am fine ma'am, what is going on?]

"It's the creature! Tell R'Ka to make it stop its mental attack!"

Hearing Kira, R'Ka looked at Qu-Ry and nodded, and immediately the feeling of dread vanished. As the Sol Alliance picked itself back up, R'Ka's voice boomed out. {I hope now you understand that you know as little of us as we do of you. A war would be devastating for both people.}

"R'Ka," Joseph said between gasps for breath, "No one wants war. Please, hear what Twiggawatt has to say."

Twiggawatt stepped forward. [I am not asking for a hostile occupation, merely an observation. I have never encountered a species such as yours or the Vayl, and I would like to study you in your home environment. I would cycle out with my fellow Guardians, as being away from the source of our energy is detrimental to our health. As we are as alien to you as you are to us, we would be willing to allow a similar ambassador of your own back on Earth.]

R'Ka detested the idea, and started to protest, when suddenly he felt a wave of displeasure emanating from Qu-Ry. He watched as she dipped her head in the direction of the ship that massed overhead. Though he hated to admit it, he knew she was right, he did not want to get into a fight with the Sol Alliance.

Sighing, he turned back to the Guardians. {Very well, I will allow it. We will host you, Twiggawatt, and in return, I will send...} He looked for the council, but they had all scattered in fear when Qu-Ry had flown in. Standing alone, was Yb. He merely stared ahead at the Guardians, a hard look in his eye. R'Ka smiled, and said, {I will send Yb. He will travel with an envoy of ambassadors to Earth and study your people.

Yb looked up in shock to protest, but a stern look from Qu-Ry silenced him. He looked down at the ground in defeat.

He was going to Earth.

HEIGHT: 65 meters
WEIGHT: 22,300 Tons
FACTION: Vayl Forces

BIO:  This mysterious kaiju is an ally to R'Ka and the people of Tel-Aora.  Though she is far smaller than R'Ka, Qu'Ry is still regarded as a major threat by the Sol Alliance.  She is able to fly at high speeds normally, but when in the vacuum of space is able to exceed mach 9.  Her four wings allow her to fly with great dexterity.  As well, Qu'Ry has ten powerful tentacles used for grappling with opponents.  Perhaps Qu'Ry's most dangerous attribute is her ability to induce fear.  At will, Qu'Ry can inflict a target with a feeling of dread and terror, and make it difficult for enemies to look directly at her.  She uses this ability to gain an advantage, even when facing a stronger opponent.  Perhaps the most strange attribute, however, is Qu'Ry's silence.  The kaiju does not vocalize in any way and makes absolutely no sound when moving, something that should be impossible for a creature of her size. 
The third Kaiju native to the distant planet of Tel-Aora.  Remind me to one day explain how these Vayl names work.  Anyway, Qu'Ry is based on the Night Gaunts from "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath"  I wanted to make a kaiju that was extremely frightening and made others feel uneasy, even though it's not actually malicious itself.  Though R'Ka refers to her as a "guardian" her role is more akin to a nature spirit.  She is revered by the people, and has appeared when they needed her help in the past, but she does not take an active role in the dealings of Tel-Aora.  Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this character.  I hope you all enjoy!

up next: An Unfamiliar Sky </b>
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MuttMix Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
 Very Giger/Lovecraft like!

I love it!
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Pretty neat looking Kaiju!
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
If I hadn't know better I would have start speculating that Apocalypse was one of the guardians of Tel-Aora....

Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
Maybe, but also maybe not.  After all, R'Ka said that Ra'Kash-Teraga left the planet soon after creating him and the
Vayl.  There's much more to the being known as Ra'Kash-Teraga than meets the eye.
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
I see, guess I'll just keep on wondering.

Ho Ra'Kash-Teraga you are such a mystery...La la la la 
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Hoooo at long last the awesome and terrifying Qu'Ry:wow: rvmp Such an original and scary look, he is simply magnificent! 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
Thanks! I'm so far loving the Vayl and their designs.  I'm planning on expanding on how the vayl name system works soon.  For example prefixes like R' and Qu', as well as more commonplace ones used among the general public 
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
Anytime man!
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Wow, things are getting tense! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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Holy crap that is one awesome looking monster!
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