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Kaiju Wars: Armageddon by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Armageddon by Blabyloo229
The Davis’ were overjoyed to see Mothra, but their joy turned to shock when Kronos stepped into view. He poked the prone Kiryu with his foot and said, “The GDF Pilots? I have to say Mothra, you’re full of surprises.”
“KRONOS?” Joseph staggered backwards in shock. He turned to Victoria and Yashiro, “Run! Get to the mechs!”
Talos went wild in recognition of his true enemy. “Kill him! Destroy the Kiliaak scum!”
Kronos reached down, massive hands blocking their paths. “Greetings tiny ones, I have no quarrel with you.” He said, but the pilots ignored him and clustered together in the center.
[Enough Kronos,] boomed a distant voice, [Release them.]
Kronos jerked up and shrank back; there was only one voice that could terrify him so. Armageddon stood over the hills, eyeing Kronos with a look of pure hatred. As he stalked closer to Kronos he said, [You are fortunate to have recognized the Kiliaak’s evil; else I would kill you where you stand.] He turned to Twiggawatt, [Greetings young one, it is good to see you well, though I despair to see you in such terrible company.]
Twiggawatt shied away and said, “Mothra thinks that I have been a good influence on them…”
“It’s true,” Kronos straightened up, “I’m a mild mannered member of society these days.” He looked down at the pilots, “And as a show of good faith…” He reached down and plucked the Davis’ up. The guardians stiffened, but Kronos held up his hands, “Ah ah, I don’t want to accidently drop them.” As the Davis’ flailed he reached over and placed them on the heads of their mechs. “Now you can get into your mechs and pretend to have an influence over your fate.” He smiled mockingly as he patted RagnRok on the head.
Talos cheered as Joseph activated the mech’s systems; it growled before leaping up onto Kronos’ chest. Armageddon stepped out of the way as the two tumbled past. They rolled around for a moment before Joseph had him pinned to the ground. Kraken leapt forward and pulled RagnRok off, but the mech was stronger than he remembered, and they soon tumbled in their own melee. As Kronos tried to stand Archangel jumped out of the building and held her sword to his throat. “Call Kraken off, or I’ll show you just how much control I have over my fate.”
Kronos looked up at her, “Well well, I’m impressed. These are not the same mechs we faced at London.” He snapped his arm out and grabbed her wrist, twisting the sword away from his neck, “But the pilots haven’t gotten any better!”
[ENOUGH,] Armageddon roared, and everyone froze, [Kronos, release Victoria, and Joseph, get off of that thing.]
Joseph spoke slowly, “They’re Kiliaak, they’ve killed millions of people in during this war, and this…thing,” he gestured to Kraken, “Killed our parents. Yet you ask us to trust them?”
“Technically human I am a Tahng, and Kraken is a genetic creation, but I can see where you’re coming from. However, we don’t have a choice.” Kronos stepped out from under Archangel and continued, “There’s no way either of us can defeat the Destroyer on our own. So we have no choice but to work together.”
Armageddon nodded, [He’s right; the last time we faced Apocalypse he nearly killed us all.] He looked at Joseph and Victoria, [In fact, he did kill you. I have no love for Kronos or his monsters, but we stand a better chance against Apocalypse with his help.]
The Davis’ backed up and glowered at Kronos, but he ignored them. “So, where is the other one?” he said, “There was another Guardian at London, where is he now?”
The earth shook, and right on cue Gigantis climbed out. He said nothing, and his eyes were haunted. By this point Yashiro had gotten into Kiryu and gotten to her feet, and she ran over to Gigantis, desperate to hear if Korsikov was still alive. She stopped, and briefly locked eyes with the titan before asking Joseph, “Er, can he understand me?”
Joseph nodded, “Yeah, just turn your loudspeakers on. Just be careful, Gigantis is a bit ornery at times...”
[I witnessed the annihilation of my own children; watched their flesh melt off their bones and their breath torn from their lungs, and then had to watch as your pathetic excuse for a species take their place.] He shot daggers at Joseph, [And I just personally destroyed my last remaining son. I think I have earned the right to be, “ornery” from time to time.]
Joseph jerked in surprise, “How did you…”
[I can peer into your thoughts as easily as I can project mine into your puny mind. If the female has a question she can ask me directly.]
Armageddon stiffened and said slowly, [Brother…]
But Yashiro held up Kiryu’s hand. “No, it is alright.” She stepped Kiryu closer to Gigantis and said softly, “I know what it is like to lose your family. As a child I was orphaned, taken in by the GDF. I never had a mother, or a father, only a commanding officer. Then, I met Captain Korsikov. He treated me like a child, and became the father I never had.” She paused and laughed quietly, “He started calling me ‘Little Dragon,’ because I was such a fiery child. He still calls me that today.” She looked up at Gigantis, “Captain Korsikov is my only family, just like the one called Godzilla was to you. I understand your pain.” A tear dropped onto her console, “So please, tell me. Is he alive?”
Gigantis looked over at Armageddon, [I like her] He turned back to Yashiro, [Such empathy is rare in a human, just as the courage possessed by your Captain Korsikov and his crew. They proved humanity deserved to inherit the earth, because they were willing to fight against Apocalypse’s forces.] He paused and looked disdainfully at Joseph and Victoria, [And unlike your friends here, they triumphed.]
The Davis’ bristled at his comment, “Not fair,” Victoria mumbled, “we fought the big guy himself!” She paused as she realized what he was saying, “Wait, you mean Korsikov is alive!?”
Gigantis nodded, [Yes, the Captain and his crew not only survived their brush with death, they defeated it.] he smiled to himself, [Well, with my help of course.]
Yashiro nodded, and sobbed with relief. “Th-thank you…”
Kronos groaned, “Yes yes this is all very touching, but none of this brings us any closer to defeating the Destroyer or the Kiliaak.”
Armageddon growled, [My brother shows warmth towards the human race for the first time in a millennium, and you trample the moment with a callousness I’ve come to expect.]
Rolling his eyes Kronos said, “Sticks and stones. Now, if there’s another war machine still operational we need it here, we need as many allies as possible.”
Mothra nodded, [He is right. Twiggawatt,] he perked up at the mention of his name, [Power the teleportation matrix, take Kiryu to Captain Korsikov and bring the M.O.G.U.E.R.A. here.] She turned to Kiryu, [Focus on the Captain, child. Your thoughts will allow Twiggawatt to zero in on his location.] She paused, and addressed Kraken, [Monster, can you understand me? I detected intelligence in your mind.]
Everyone turned to Kraken. The monster looked back blankly, and nodded. When he spoke, it was his own voice, not Lazarus’, “Y-yes. It hurts, but yes.” Kronos’ heart skipped, his monster wasn’t brain dead!
Mothra chirped happily, [I am sorry for your suffering, your actions were dictated by a crueler hand than yours.] She glared at Kronos, [I can sense your connection with Leviathan, and that connection grants you a good heart, every bit as good as Leviathans. Now is your chance to do better, go with Twiggawatt and Kiryu to find the Captain, not only will they need the AI inside of you for an accurate jump, but also your connection with Leviathan to find him and bring him with you.]
Kronos bristled and said, “No way, I can work with humans, but if Leviathan comes with us I’m walking.”
Ghi-Darah sniffed disdainfully and said, “Do you remember what you told me? That the Kiliaak were responsible for my exile, not you, and the same applies to Leviathan. The Kiliaak stripped you of your rank, not Leviathan.”
Kronos narrowed his eyes, “That’s completely different.”
“You’re right, it is completely different. Is that why you still wear the skull of my third head on your shoulder to this day!?” Ghi-Darah’s voice rose, “If anyone should bear a grudge it’s me!”
“Or me!” Talos cried.
Victoria waved her hand through the tiny projection of Talos on her dashboard. “Stop waving your little sword around and listen!”

Kronos was silent; then he chuckled to himself, “You know, I completely forgot I still had that thing on.” He took off the skull and held it out, “I don’t really know what to do with it now though, would you like it back?”
Ghi-Darah sneered, “I have no use for it now, keep it, to remind yourself of your past crimes.”
Kronos nodded respectfully and secured it to his shoulder again, “As a reminder of what the Kiliaak made me do…It will only fuel my anger now.” He turned back to Kraken, “Forgive my outburst Kraken, go, find Leviathan and bring him here. I’m sure he’ll be as interested in these events as we are.”
Armageddon looked at Mothra in surprise, [I guess Twiggawatt is a good influence on him.]
Victoria looked down at the tiny projection of Talos, “You know Talos, that applies to you too. Don’t be angry at Kronos, he didn’t create the virus, a Kiliaak scientist did.”
Joseph had a similar projection in RagnRok as well, “She’s right Talos, focus on destroying the Kiliaak, not Kronos.
The projection sat down sullenly, “…Fine.” He said, and the projection winked off.

Kiryu, Twiggawatt, and Kraken all teleported away and the group went back to planning while they waited. “We need to find a way to take the Kiliaak out of the picture.” Kronos said, “On his own the Destroyer is a terrible foe, but we don’t have a chance as long as his army is supporting him.”
Victoria nodded, “So we destroy the S’Krit-Ni-Vahk.”
Ghi-Darah cackled madly, “And how do you propose we do that? The warship is nearly the size of your Japan! You have no weapon capable of destroying it, or the GDF would have done it years ago.”
Joseph nodded, “No, but we do now. The teleportation matrix, we can use it to send the ship away, somewhere where it will be destroyed on arrival right?”
Everyone swiveled from Joseph to Kronos. The warlord scratched his chin and said, “Well…yes, that was the teleportation matrix’s original purpose, teleporting our warships to their targets.”
Joseph grinned, “Then we have our weapon. All we need to do is infiltrate the S’Krit-Ni-Vahk, plug in our destination, and then zap ourselves out of there.”
[Not bad Mr. Davis,] Gigantis said, [Now where is this destination?]
“The Earth’s core. The heat and pressure will crumple the ship and anything in it like a tin can.”
Armageddon smiled proudly, [Well done Joseph. When I named you Vanguard of the Earth I knew you would prove me right.]
Joseph flushed at the compliment, while Victoria whistled in his head, Way to go hotshot, your idol just validated your entire existence.
With a brilliant flash of light Twiggawatt, Kraken, Kiryu, M.O.G.U.E.R.A., and Leviathan appeared in the center of the group. Leviathan looked over at Kronos, stepped over and said, “The others told me you seek the same goal as I do, the destruction of the being you call the Destroyer. While I sense sincerity in you, I can still feel the same hatred towards me. So I have only one request. Help us defeat the Destroyer, and then you and I can settle our differences.” Kronos clenched his fists, his gauntlets sparking. Leviathan sighed and activated his armor wearily. “If you really want to do this now I only ask that you do not harm anyone else, we need as many of us able to fight the destroyer as possible.”
Kronos raised his arm, but felt a metal appendage clamp onto it. He whipped around, prepared to smash whichever GDF mech had dared interfere, but it was Kraken. The monster looked into his creator’s eyes and said slowly, “S-stop this…W-what is there to g-gain?”
Letting his arm drop he looked at Kraken in stunned silence. The monster had barely ever spoken, and for it to speak in such a way to him was unthinkable. He looked at Kraken, a creature born of his hatred for Leviathan. The beast had suffered so much because of that hatred, both at the GDF’s hands and his own. Thinking back to the horrors he inflicted on Kraken, all because he reminded him so much of Leviathan, he realized it was amazing the beast still followed him. “I-I’m sorry Kraken. You can let go of me now.” His hatred for Leviathan had led to nothing but pain and suffering, and most of it not even directed towards Leviathan. He looked back at Leviathan, “Forgive my actions, you were only doing your duty, as was I.” he glanced at Kraken, “My hatred has hurt too many, it is time to let go.”
[There may be hope for you after all Kronos,] Armageddon said, [Now, it is time. We’ll split up: one group will use the alien’s device to get aboard the ship. Kronos, you, Kraken, and Ghi-Darah will go with this group to be the guide, as you’re the only ones who have been aboard the ship. Leviathan, Joseph, Yashiro, and Victoria will go with you.]
Kronos nodded, “We’ll have to connect with the ships main power grid for the return trip; there’s no way we can fit Twiggawatt in the ship’s corridors. We can cue up the ship’s teleportation to occur immediately after our own trip home, the way we used to cue up monster transports during battle.”
“What about the rest of you?” Joseph asked.
Armageddon grinned, [The Guardians are finally united. Together we will purge the Earth of the Kiliaak scourge. Captain Korsikov, if you’re ready we would be happy to have you along for a lesson in true power.]
The M.O.G.U.E.R.A.’s engines roared to life, and Korsikov yelled, “We’re ready!”
As they gathered around Twiggawatt to power the matrix Kronos couldn’t help by laugh at the irony. It almost sounds like the start to a bad joke, He thought, Three ex-Kiliaak, three GDF pilots, and a giant shark warp into a warship… He was still laughing as they flashed out of existence.

NAME: Armageddon
HEIGHT: 60 m at shoulder
WEIGHT: 40,000 tons
FACTION: Earth Defenders

BIO: Armageddon is one of the three Guardians, Immortal kaiju who have existed since the dawn of time. He is also known as the Earth Titan, just as Gigantis is the Lava Titan. Billions of years has honed this kaiju's abilities. Armageddon is able to wield mana, the energy of life, with deadly skill. He can fire a beam of super-heated Mana energy to annihilate the enemies of Earth. Ever since Apocalypse left London, Armageddon has been waiting in the earth's core. here, there is nigh-infinite mana energy, and Armageddon has been soaking it in like a sponge, preparing for Apocalypse's inevitable return. Having surfaced, Armageddon is more powerful than ever before. He will defend the Earth, and destroy the Infinite Darkness once and for all!
Ah, finally! Sorry for the wait everyone. As you know, my family is currently in the process of moving. While I have been chilling at the national 2013 Scout Jamboree (awesome!) the author of the story, Aniki (not his actual name) has been hard at work unpacking all of my family's possessions and preparing the new house. As such, he has not been able to finish the story until now. Anyway, Armageddon is certainly looking powerful! spending those three months of silence basking in the core of the Earth has certainly buffed him up! Every inch of his body is glowing with energy, and when Apocalypse returns, he'll be ready!

up next: the Skrit-Na'Vahk! The Kiliaak Warship has haunted Earth for five years, hanging in low orbit, a constant threat. The Vanguards, alongside some unexpected allies, teleport to its heart to destroy it!…
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kahnac Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015
This is my favorite chapter so far. Armageddon is back, better than ever, and now the scattered forces are united to stand against the dark scourge of Apocalypse. Funny thing, I'm still thinking of who would be perfect for voicing who if this could ever be an animated series of some kind, since I like imagining certain people voicing certain characters in a story. I only hope that's not too weird or stupid to anyone.
Tojunior Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
He reminds me of something… I don't know what but he reminds me of it.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Hmm, I don't know.  I imagine that a four-legged reptilian creature like him (while not existing in nature) is a concept used for a variety of different monster.
MonsterKingOfKarmen Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
kaijusaurus387 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it getting exciting now! i can't be leave it almost the end to such a great story.
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
JGZIGGY Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
Where's Kharrion? 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
She's there, rest assured. She's jus being quiet right now. Or maybe she's got jet-lag from teleporting :)
JGZIGGY Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
ok I was kinda worried I didn't see her name when they were splitting the group up 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Yeah, Rest assured, she's perfectly fine. I don't think anything could convince her to separate from t'wigga-watt anyway XD
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome!!!! Its been a LONG time since i've last seen good ol'Armageddon! Its really, really good to see him again. Man, he sure is looking beefy as ever too! Those three months meditating in the core really did wonders on his body and made him look uber strong. Hes looks so fierce and strong and is brimming with so much power that he makes Gigantis look like hes the calm and wise one lol. Its really good seeing the earth titan again. You really did a phenomenal job drawing him Blaby!

As for their plan, WHY ARE THEY GOING TO TELEPORT A MOON SIZED SHIP INTO THE EARTH'S CORE!?!?! Its a HORRIBLE idea! You know how much destruction thats going to cause to the Earth? You can just magically teleport something like that to the core! All that material has to move somewhere else so that the ship could fit! It would cause widespread destruction and eruptions! Why cant they just teleport it into the sun? That always works!

Aside from that, I really like this chapter of the story. I like how they all gathered in that one place to discuss their next move. I also really like the little interactions sone characters had with others. Im just surprised that no one gave Ghidrah any flak. I mean, he to killed many people and is an ex-warlord of the Kilaak. Kraken talking too was quite a shocker. Its nice to see that hes good and calm.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Yeah, Armageddon certainly looks a lot more fierce, and I liked the opportunity to put more Mana Hearts on his legs. I think that's a cool effect.

Also, Aniki waaaay over-exaggerated the size of the Skrit-Na'Vahk. Or at least Ghi-Darah did. It is not as large as the moon. It's more near the size of the country of Japan, still enormous, but not super galaxy gurren lagann enormous. As for teleporting it, there's two ways that could happen. It could a: teleport in and just cause a lot of volcanic activity (small price to pay) or b: the ship will appear "between" the atoms of the lava. I prefer the second, as it leaves no possibility of kiliaak survivor.

Ghi-Darah is not really considered a threat to the cause. He's pretty terrified of Mothra, after all, and she's right next to him. He doesn't really want to be pulling any sly tricks while every single extremely dangerous earth defender is right next to him. Besides, he has already accepted that he wants to help the guardians destroy the kiliaak. He's not causing trouble like Kronos is.

Kraken is a poor li'l baby. Though I'm sure he'll be fine (or will he)
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
He really does! I really love this new beefier version of him lol. He sure looks like you dont want to mess with him. Like i said, he makes Gigantis look like the calm and gentle one lol. Really awesome job drawing him :)

Regardless of him screwing up the size, WHY ARE YOU GOING TO TELEPORT IT INTO THE CORE!?!?! Theres a perfectly good, perfectly GIGANTIC and HOT sun that you could teleport them to that would not cause destruction here on Earth! I love the Earth Defenders, but man they really need to change their thinking caps lol. I think its because Armageddon and Gigantis want a satellite dish in the core so they can watch TV lol.

True. I guess you could have also bribed him with sand if he didnt cooperate lol. Whoda thought a gigantic space dragon would be so complient?

He sure doesnt look like hes a baby! If only i could have seen the faces of the others when he started talking. I bet Kronos was like "Holy shit! He can talk!?!?"

Im also surprised there wasnt any conflict between Talos and Leviathan.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Thanks as always for the continued input on the story, it's a pleasent relief to know that people read this story.

As for your concerns about the teleporter, do you remember what happened when Ghi-Dadah and Kraken when they teleported into the pyramids by accident? The pyramids weren't destroyed, and Kraken and Ghi-Darah were unharmed. The teleporter was designed to avoid that problem, so any solid or liquid matter that is in the way of the teleported object is replaced by the matter of the object's. So the S'Krit-Ni-Vahk will replace the magma in the core, and then quickly be crushed and destroyed by the heat and pressure. No volcanic eruptions or tectonic activity. If anything any active volcanoes would lose lava volume as it drained back into the core.

There might be, but remember Talos doesn't have a way to declare himself, he can only talk to the pilots because he's in their systems. Also, Talos might not even remember controlling Leviathan, as his copy program that was controlling Levi was destroyed when Levi broke free. Not to mention that was after Talos' exile. And since Levi could forgive Kronos I'm sure he'd forgive Talos, especially after hearing his story.
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
No problem. I like reading this story. Its really cool. If only it could be made into a comic.

Well, thats a better outcome i guess. It still doesnt make sense, but i'll roll with it lol. They're forgetting that theres a perfectly good and hot sun above their heads, but whatevs. Everyone has a blonde moment now and then lol.

Yeah, i was talking more about Levi's reaction. Im surprised he didnt freak out when he found out Talos was helping them. I would have thought that it would have at least brought back some bad memories of when he was under control.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
Well that was old Talos, and no one knew that Levi was sentient at the time. And remember, no one really knows Talos is there except for the Davis' and Yashiro, because he's only present in the mechs. And his hologram takes the appearance of his old body, as its the only one he's ever really known
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I have a feeling the others are going to notice soon. I have a feeling Levi will be quite surprised. I can only imagine having a little Talos hologram on your dashboard. I bet it can get annoying at times.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Talos has come to be much more civil recently. The loss of his body has allowed him to use his computing power for thinking instead of movement. By this point, he has realized his mistakes and regained his sanity. He never was sadistic or cruel, he simply wanted to kill Leviathan because Levi stole his opportunity for revenge. But, now that he is capable of higher thought, he realized that Levi is not at fault, as such Talos could care less about Leviathan, aside from his use in destroying the Kiliaak.
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Well, i guess you can say he was cruel and sadistic when he was taking over Levi. I mean, who takes over a guy and makes them kill lol?

Also, when he appears as a hologram, what does he look like? Does he have his old body in the hologram? Or is he a loader from Aliens lol?
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