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May 11, 2013
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Kaiju Wars: Famine by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Famine by Blabyloo229
Kronos grabbed hold of the birdlike monster and then swung himself onto Twiggawatt’s back. Twiggawatt bellowed and charged down the hill towards the city. There were six ships in total, two kaiju transports and four assault ships. Kronos recognized each of them, and knew exactly how to beat them. “Twiggawatt,” He said, “Focus your storms on the two big ships in the middle; I’ll take care of the little ships.”
The bird squawked in protest, but Kronos only tightened his grasp. “And please tell your friend to calm down and get ready to fight; we’re going to need her.” Twiggawatt grunted, and spoke silently to the bird. She hissed at Kronos, but didn’t protest any further. Meanwhile the Kiliaak ships turned towards the thundering kaiju and began their assault. Scores of fodder class kaiju poured out of the transport ships, and the assault ships primed their weapons. Kronos squeezed Twiggawatt’s and shouted, “Now Twiggawatt!” Twiggawatt bellowed and called down a flurry of lightning bolts down from the sky. The Kiliaak ships shook and sparked as the bolts smashed against their hulls. As the horde of fodder kaiju surged towards them Kronos stood up and leapt from Twiggawatt’s back. The bird monster squawked as they hurled through the air together. Kronos cocked his arm back and said, “Alright, time to earn your keep!” and threw her into the horde. She screeched in surprise as she slammed into a Bull Hydra. Instinct took over as she was swarmed by monsters, and she began cutting a bloody swath through the attacking monsters. Kronos’ momentum carried him straight into one of the assault ships, smashing through its outer hull. As the rush of battle filled his veins Kronos forced his hands into the wreckage and activated his gauntlets, electrocuting the ship and overloaded its primary systems. He leapt from the smoking wreckage as it plummeted to the ground and landed in the middle of the sea of monsters. Together the bird creature and Kronos ripped through the savage crowd in a whirlwind of venom and lightning. Twiggawatt stampeded through the city and collided with the first transport ship. He forced his tusks into the ship’s hull and channeled a massive lightning bolt through the ship, detonating its engines. Twiggawatt twisted his head and tossed the transport to the side. The ship wheeled away belching smoke as it smashed into the largest pyramid. The remaining four ships, still smoking from Twiggawatt’s assault, backpedaled furiously as their weapons finally came online. The Kiliaak firepower obliterated the battle field, blowing the remaining fodder kaiju to pieces. Kronos quickly grabbed the bird and swung her behind a building, safe from the barrage. “Twiggawatt,” He shouted over the barrage, “Hit them again!” Twiggawatt poked his head out from behind the pyramid and unleashed another storm over the fleet. As the fleet turned their attention on Twiggawatt Kronos rushed over to where Kraken and Ghi-Darah were buried and smashed into the pyramid covering them. “Kraken,” He roared, “Wake up! I need you out here now!”
Deep beneath the pyramid Kraken’s eyes snapped open, Kronos was calling him. Straining against the weight of the sand atop him Kraken forced his way towards his master’s voice. Kronos felt the ground rumbling and lurched backwards as Kraken exploded out of the ground, shattering what was left of the pyramid. Kronos laughed and said, “There you are! See those ships? Destroy them!” Kraken looked towards the Kiliaak ships and looked back at Kronos with confusion. “No Kraken, they aren’t ours anymore, show no mercy!” Kraken nodded slowly, picked up a chunk of pyramid in each hand and hurled them at the fleet. Kraken’s projectiles punched through the hull of the remaining transport ship, destroying its main engines. The ship spun around and smashed into one of the assault ships, detonating them both in a massive fireball. The remaining two ships ceased their attack and began a full retreat, spinning around and rocketing back into space.
Twiggawatt stamped in aggravation. “Kronos,” he said, “I can’t reach them!”
Kronos grit his teeth and said, “I can think of someone who can.” He ran over to the hole Kraken came out of and dove in. “Ghi-Darah!” He shouted, “Get out here now!”
As he dug through the sand a muted, groggy voice came from below, “What is it kronos? Can’t simply bludgeon everything to death this time?”
Kronos stopped short and growled, “Don’t patronize me Ghi-Darah!”
“Kronos they’re getting away!” Twiggawatt was prancing around frantically, his storm clouds shooting bolts of lightning in vain.
Ghi-Darah’s voice echoed up through the sand again, “Oh Kronos can’t you deal with it yourself? You have no idea how nice it is to just bury yourself in a big pile of-hggggkk!” Kronos’ fingers finally found Ghi-Darah’s form, and he wrenched the sandy dragon out of the earth by his neck.
“Do you see those two ships!” Kronos shouted while pointing at the retreating ships, “Destroy them, before they bring help!” He swung around and hurled Ghi-Darah into the air.
Roaring in shock Ghi-Darah swung around in midair before finally righting himself. “Tsk tsk,” he said quickly, “No manners.” He swung around and sped after the ships. “Well what would you expect from an elevated savage?” he said to no one in particular, “Well I know that, but still, a simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ would be appreciated…” Like a comet Ghi-Darah smashed through the first assault ship, his momentum carrying him straight through to the other side. Righting himself he turned and charged his gravity beams, unleashing a devastating storm on the second ship. The ship started belching smoke and listed dangerously to its port side. Then Ghi-Darah struck again, smashing into the ship with shredding claws and kicks.
Kronos watched with satisfaction as the second ship exploded, the Kiliaak threat was dealt with for now. “Not bad everyone, not many people can claim to have defeated a Kiliaak battle group.”
Kraken’s mouthpiece glowed as Lazarus chimed in, “Actually there are 37 instances in which a Kiliaak battle group has been defeated by GDF forces on record. 10 due to the collective efforts of the Davis siblings, 16 by the M.O.G.U.E.R.A unit, and-”
Kronos waved his hand quickly and said, “Thank you for the input AI!” Overhead Ghi-Darah cackled as he floated down to the group.
“My lord, we’ve located the traitor and his forces, they destroyed a battle group in the human city of Giza.”
Apocalypse looked up from his meal, a massive slab of one of Kronos’ Orga beasts still dangling from his jaws, and said coldly, Forces? What are you talking about? Apocalypse gulped down the rest of the meat and pushed what was left of the corpse to the side.
Siel-Kha knelt and said, “The traitor has gathered a following of 4 additional monsters, including ex Warlord Ghi-Darah. Interestingly enough, he is also accompanied by a Guardian class Earth monster.”
Apocalypse perked up, A guardian? No, I’ve faced each of them in combat, I know their auras. What is this “guardian”? He closed his eyes and focused on the traitor’s aura. His eyes snapped open, It’s a new guardian, but this one is young and weak. We must destroy him before he reaches his full potential.
“My lord,” Siel-Kha said, his face lighting up, “will you go down yourself and smite the traitor and this new guardian?”
Apocalypse grinned, No, send the Famine, see if we can satiate his hunger.
Siel-Kha looked puzzled and quietly said, “My lord…without the teleportation matrix there’s no way to get him there in time. The traitor knows we’re hunting him, he’ll be long gone.”
Siel-Kha winced at the sound of the monster’s terrible laughter. Apocalypse said, Just push him out the airlock.
“I’m just saying, we have to name it something.” The bird looked up quizzically at Kronos and he continued, “We can’t just call it “the bird thing” anymore.”
Ghi-Darah leaned in and hissed in disgust, “It smells like rotting carrion,” and then recoiled as it snapped at him.
Lazarus spoke up again, “Carrion. shortened to Carrie after the female character in human literature, who suffers from psychotic outbursts. Similar to our friend here.”
Kronos laughed and reached over to pat Carrie on the head, “Fitting! Well it’s decided, we’ll call you Carrie.” Carrie squawked and snapped at Kronos’ hand. He withdrew his hand quickly and glowered, “Oh shut up you disgusting creature.”
Suddenly Twiggawatt’s ears perked up, and he began prancing nervously. “Something is wrong,” he said, “Something is coming.”
Suddenly a black spot appeared in the sky, hurtling towards the ground. Just as it was about to hit the ground it slowed down, just barely. Kronos’ eyes widened, “Get down!” he yelled just as the thing impacted. The object landed a short distance away, but the shockwave still floored the group. Kronos crawled to the edge of the crater and watched in horror as the massive blob of black goo began to form itself into a recognizable shape. Soon a massive caricature of Kronos’ own creation floated before them. Then a familiar apocalyptic shriek came from the creature, and Kronos knew what they were about to face.

NAME: Famine
HEIGHT: 150 meters
WEIGHT: Unknown
FACTION: Aliens, Horsemen of the Apocalypse

BIO: Just as the corrupted form of Godzilla became "Conquest", Apocalypse has created the second of his horsemen, "Famine" using three of Kronos' genetic mutants, the Orga beasts. With an insatiable hunger, Famine seeks to devour everything he possibly can. When met with a possible meal, Famine's mouth opens to a terrifying size capable of swallowing even a small kaiju whole. A multitude of tentacles emerge from the beast's throat, some possessing small mouths, and some without. it is theorized by some that Apocalypse has opened a pocket dimension within the monster's body, allowing it to consume quantities of mass thought to be impossible even for a creature its size. Its body levitates, and is able to move very quickly over short distances, though its source of propulsion is unknown. Famine's arms are truly massive, and can deliver crushing blows to anything nearby. Lastly, as an extension of Apocalypse's own body, Famine is extremely durable, able to take massive amounts of punishment. Like all of the Horsemen, and Apocalypse himself, Famine shows a weakness to the energy known as Mana.


"When He broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, Come and look! And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and in his hand the rider had a pair of scales. And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures, saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not harm the oil and the wine!'" Revalations 6, 5-6

Look guys, Kaiju Wars exists! Some of you with longer memories may recognize this as one of the monsters shown in the "preview picture" that I posted before the beginning of Kaiju Wars. Here is Famine, the second Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Apocalypse has taken the mass from 3 of Kronos' Orga beasts (and eaten the rest of them :iconawkwardplz:), and combined that with some of his own anti-matter to form the second of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This guy was great to color, and the texture was fun as well. Boy, Kronos and his merry band of mutants are going to be in for a tough fight! enjoy!

Up Next: Battle at the foot of the Pyramids! Kronos and his group face off against the second Horseman of the Apocalypse!
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Still, awesome.
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