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June 24, 2013
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Kaiju Wars: Gigan by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Gigan by Blabyloo229
Gigan growled and revved his chainsaws, “I see you’ve graduated from heroics to a pathetic attempt at banter.” He lunged forward and slashed at Leviathan, the latter barely managing to duck under his swing. Leviathan dropped to the ground and redirected all of his armor to shoot straight out of his chest in a pillar of energy. The pillar smashed into Gigan and launched him skyward, but Guiron was right behind him. He tackled Leviathan and sent them both rolling across the ground. Leviathan struggled to get his legs under Guiron’s massive body, and with a roar he kicked Guiron off of him. Gigan slammed back down to the ground, and he and Guiron circled around Leviathan.
Leviathan reactivated his armor and held his fists up defensively. With both of his opponents using bladed weaponry he was at a disadvantage, if a single hit slipped through his guard he could be gravely injured, and he knew he wouldn’t survive a second hit. He thought about his earlier fight with Guiron, how he had redirected his momentum and used it against him, and suddenly he had his plan. As Gigan and Guiron charged he redirected all of his armor into his gauntlets just in time to catch Gigan’s first slash. He slid under the blow and directed Gigan’s strike to block Guiron’s charge. The chainsaw grinded against Guiron’s blade in a shower of sparks, and Guiron roared in fury. As Leviathan rolled away from the fight Guiron reached out and kicked Gigan aside. Gigan recoiled in surprise, and then smacked the creature with the flat of his blade. His eyes glowed red with fury. “Stupid creature,” he said, “Fight him!” and he kicked Guiron in Leviathan’s direction.
Once again they charged at Leviathan, and just as before they were unable to touch him. Guiron’s blade slid off of Leviathan’s gauntlets, sending the monster rolling off to the side, and Gigan’s attacks were all redirected into empty space. He squawked in aggravation and fired a quick flash from his eye, briefly blinding Leviathan. Leviathan barely crossed his arms in time to catch Gigan’s blades. Chainsaws grinding against Leviathan’s gauntlets Gigan leaned in and sneered. “Nice scars on your chest,” he said, “Why don’t we open those up for old time’s sake!” And he launched himself skyward, clawing Leviathan’s chest with his talons. Leviathan staggered backwards into Guiron’s path. The monster roared and swatted Leviathan to the ground with the flat of his blade. Leviathan gasped, blood gushing out of his wounds. He focused and redirected his armor from his gauntlets to his chest, creating a makeshift bandage at the expense of his defense. Gigan dropped back down and kicked Leviathan hard, knocking the wind out of him. Leviathan gasped for air, and his vision began to darken. As Guiron approached menacingly Leviathan knew he was done for. He began to let go, and the familiar sense of finality he felt in London was back. As the darkness set in he began to hear whispers of the humans hiding nearby. It was a jumble of emotions; but the first one that jumped out was fear.
“Oh God everyone’s dead, the army’s dead, we’re dead…”
“Its okay sweetie, you won’t feel a thing, just come here…”
But then he felt another emotion, determination.
“Come on come on! You can do it!”
“He’s gonna get up, just watch!”
“Come on Leviathan, we need you!”
“Look at him he’s still breathing, there’s still a chance.”
The humans were counting on him to save them, he was their last hope. The lives of every human being in the ruins of Tokyo rested on him, and the humans still believed in him. The Seatopians had originally given him the ability to sense human emotions so he could be driven by their fear, and now it was doing the same thing with their determination. To the collective cheer of every human in the area Leviathan’s eyes snapped open just as Guiron swung his blade. Leviathan lashed out with his fist and punched the flat of Guiron’s blade, knocking it off course. The blade sank into the earth, and Guiron was trapped. He strained to free himself, but the blade was too deep in the ground. Leviathan crossed his arms over his chest and brought them down sharply, reactivating his armor with a burst of energy. The resulting shockwave blasted Gigan backwards, smashing him into the side of Mount Fuji. Leviathan locked eyes with the trapped Guiron, and the monster’s eyes widened with fear. Leviathan jumped up and with a roar brought his foot down hard on Guiron’s neck, breaking his spinal cord in two. Guiron’s eyes dimmed as his life drained away. Leviathan however, wasn’t finished, and he raised his hand and drew upon his mana reserves. His hand glowed brightly as he burned away Apocalypse’s taint from Guiron’s corpse. The monster would never rise again. Behind him Gigan had risen back to his feet, and rose to the air. With a feral shriek he launched himself at Leviathan, buzz saws roaring. Leviathan heard Gigan’s shriek, and he dropped down and wrapped his arms around Guiron’s corpse. With a roar of exertion he wrenched Guiron’s blade out of the earth, and rolled around so the blade would meet Gigan’s charge. Going too fast to stop Gigan was impaled on the massive blade, and hung in the air. Gigan’s eye dimmed and his body fell limp. Leviathan breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly Gigan’s arm jerked and grabbed onto the blade.
I’m not finished with you!
Gigan’s body glowed red, a dark aura oozing around him, Apocalypse had seized control. Gigan’s other arm grabbed onto the blade, and Gigan’s body slowly pulled itself towards Leviathan at the bottom.
Though you continue to struggle, your efforts are in vain. Even now the human’s forces are routed, their cities lie in ruin, and my army is limitless. You strike down two of my pawns and legions more await you.
Leviathan tried to ready his beam again, but he was spent from purging Guiron’s body. He could only struggle to hold the blade upright to keep Gigan’s possessed corpse from reaching him. Meanwhile the body continued its slide downwards.
While you struggle here my forces close in. The Davis’ are alone, cut off from any help. My conqueror is on route to intercept your metal allies, they will die before they reach the Davis’.
Gigan’s body was nearly at the bottom now.
And now you will taste death again, and the Guardians will face me alone once more. And as before, they will fail.
Leviathan roared, “NO!” And he willed his armor to form a sharp edge on his arm. He let go of Guiron and slashed at the oncoming body. Gigan’s head flew off and the body fell limp on Leviathan’s body. The head bounced away, still oozing Apocalypse’s darkness. Leviathan shoved Gigan’s body off of him and strode towards the head. “No, Dark One,” he said coldly, “This time it is you who will fail. You have no concept of the forces that oppose you, how strong we truly are. We have beaten back the Kiliaak for years, and your arrival will change nothing. The last time you faced three young Guardians who were unaccustomed to battle, but now you face an entire planet that has been preparing for your return for millennia. You have no chance, and yet you still blindly assert your own dominance.” He stood over Gigan’s head and raised his foot. “We’re coming for you,” he said, “and this time it will be your turn to taste death.” And he stamped Gigan’s head into the ground. The darkness oozed out of the remains and dissipated. Leviathan looked wearily over the battlefield and staggered. He was exhausted, but he had won. The people of Japan cheered in triumph, the enemy was defeated, and their savior still lived. Leviathan searched for the minds of the soldiers inside of Central Command and said, “We’ve won the day, but the Kiliaak will be back with more soldiers. Get your people somewhere safe.”
The ranking officer grabbed a microphone and spoke through the alarm system. “Thank you for giving us a chance, we won’t waste it.” And then he immediately began preparations for a nationwide evacuation. Leviathan steadied himself and turned towards the sea, it was time to go. He dove into the sea and sped off towards the US.

NAME: Gigan
HEIGHT: 100 m
WEIGHT: 50,000 tons

BIO: The cruel assassin, once utterly defeated by Leviathan, has been remade by Apocalypse to wreak havoc on the Earth once more. The cyborg has lost its remaining organic flesh, stripped away in favor of Apocalyptic anti-matter. As such, not only is he larger and stronger, Gigan is able to channel Apocalypse's consciousness directly, allowing to Dark One to take over his body and mind when necessary. However, by himself, Gigan is proud, cruel and opportunistic. He now wields altered blades equipped with chainsaws, as well as the similar saws in his torso. Gigan can also attack with his two bladed tails, and strikes fluidly. From his single "eye" (though the actual structure of this organ is unknown) Gigan can fire a straight red beam that cuts and burns its targets. Gigan is also capable of sub-sonic flight, though his source of lift is unknown.

I've been having some issues with this guy. His lineart was done some time ago, and he looked great, but then life got in the way. I'm currently in the process of moving, and as I speak, my room is being emptied of all my belongings, and my family (of ten) is off to a hotel for a few days. as such, it's been pretty tough to find time to work on this (and it doesn't help that my laptop has a bad habit of overheating and losing all my progress in the summer hotness!) Anyway, it's always great for Leviathan to get a good heroic moment. Enjoy!

Up next: The first Horseman returns! Conquest battles against two of Earth's mightiest heroes!
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randomemaster360 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just loved absolutely everything about this form of Gigan, especially his arms, those chainsaws look way better then the ones he had in Final Wars and also like a perfect balance between his original claws and his chainsaws.
Still, awesome !
HardCoreCrocomire Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hearteater X gigan = this
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
I think more accurate would be… + gigan = this :) This is the cyborg after being infested with the Anti-Matter of Apocalypse
HardCoreCrocomire Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, it looks as if hearteater was combined with gigan
JoeSnake32 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You think your world is safe...
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
It is, because Leviathan was there! yay, Levi!
Tojunior Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
I think that good ol' Heicho would be kinda out of his league.  No amount of titan-killing training will help you take down a kaiju.
Tojunior Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Unless they had a giant Levi mecha (My mind...) 
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Cool. For an assassin, he does his job very poorly. Its a good thing he does though. Im glad Levi kicked his ass again. Its sucks that the scars from his last battle with him have been opened up again, but alas he will still remain strong. Im interested to see how the Conquest fight is going to go down. Wonder it there will be anymore psychic limb tearing.
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