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December 8, 2012
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Kaiju Wars: Gigantis by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Gigantis by Blabyloo229
The battle was over. Slowly Gigantis dragged himself to his feet; the fight was devastating, but not nearly as painful as the loss of his last son. He had watched in stunned silence as what used to be Godzilla viciously attacked all present, even Armageddon and his vanguards. Then as soon as it began he was gone, defeated by the alien warlord, who left soon after with his injured pet. He slowly stepped towards his fallen brother, who lay buried in rubble. Gigantis pulled him out of the wreckage and helped him get back on his feet. Armageddon looked over the battlefield and moaned.
[After all these years….I was a fool to think it was gone for good.] He turned to his brother, [I don’t know why it fled, it had all but defeated us.]
Gigantis narrowed his eyes and snarled, [It doesn’t matter. It has taken the last of my children, and now I need yours to stop it.]
Armageddon’s eyes widened as he remembered, [The vanguards! They’re dying!] He hobbled over to the wreckage of Archangel and RagnRok. He felt out with his mind, calling out to Joseph and Victoria, but he felt nothing in return. He leaned back and let out a mournful keen; he had felt nothing from Leviathan either.
Gigantis came behind him, [Brother, they can be saved. You know how.]
Armageddon shook his head, [You know I can’t do that brother.]
Gigantis snarled, [Then when the calamity returns, and you know he will, we will be defeated once more. The entirety of the human race will fall to the monster, just as my children before them.] Overcome with exertion he fell to his knees. He spat a glob of blood onto the ground and turned wearily towards his brother, [And it is not just them who need it. We are dying; the calamity’s darkness taints our bodies. I can sense it within you too.] Gritting his teeth in pain Armageddon knew he was right. Gigantis continued, [Our sister and the newborn cannot defeat this evil alone. What will it be, the lives of a few million or the entire world?]
Armageddon lowered his head in defeat, [You’re right…May the humans forgive me for what I must do.]
Gigantis placed his hand on Armageddon’s head, and the mana chambers in their bodies began to glow. Motes of energy began flowing from the Earth into the pair, but it had to come from somewhere. Slowly a circle of death spread from the brothers, atomizing every living creature save the vanguards. Refugee columns fleeing London fell to the ground and turned to ash. Every plant, animal, man, woman, and child in a 1500 mile radius was killed, and absorbed. Finally Armageddon and Gigantis opened their eyes, channeling every iota of the mana into the dying kaiju. The blast healed the fallen vanguards as well as the two brothers. The mechs stitched themselves together, reborn with the life energy.
The vanguards rose, feeling stronger than ever before. Leviathan flexed, feeling his body rippling with power. Archangel and RagnRok examined their new bodies; the mana had combined flesh and metal, creating a new type of mech all together. The human’s avatars were no longer purely mechanical. Organic muscle rippled, and new hearts pumped underneath the armor. Victoria looked over her new body in awe, “Joseph, are you seeing this?” But Joseph said nothing, looking over the blackened landscape in silenced horror. The blast had flattened London, blackening the earth. Armageddon wept bitter tears and whirled to face Gigantis. [8,174,100 lives Gigantis. 8,174,100 human lives extinguished to save five.] He turned towards the vanguards, [Do not feel responsible, their deaths are my brother and I’s fault alone.] and with that he dove into the Earth.
Gigantis strode toward the silent vanguards. [The great calamity claimed the lives of my children millions of years ago, now it has returned to do the same to you. We are the last hope for this planet. Only we can stop it now.]
“And just how the hell do you expect us to do that?” Victoria shouted, “That thing almost killed all of us at once! It was over in seconds”
Gigantis nodded, [Yes, if we fight again we may die, and then the human race will be extinguished. But that is only a certainty if you give up. Millions of life forms gave their lives to save you, do not let their sacrifice be in vain.] and with that he dove after his brother.
Leviathan keened in anguish, and Victoria openly wept. Joseph looked over the blackened wasteland. “Then there’s no question. We fight.”

NAME: Gigantis
HEIGHT: 90 Meters
WEIGHT: 60,000 tons
FACTION Earth Defenders

BIO: Gigantis is the third "guardian" of the Earth. just as his brother and sister can, Gigantis is able to draw energy from the Earth, store it inside of his body, and use it as a weapon fired from his mouth. he is the strongest of the three gaurdians, and possesses unmatched strength and endurance. In the face of Apocalypse, the same entity that caused the first extinction, Gigantis changed. He is now classified as an Earth Defender, having cast off his hatred for humans in order to combat the greater foe.
My favorite villian has had a change of heart, it seems! That's right, Ladies and germs, Gigantis is officially an Earth Defender now. Don't mistake him for the same level of good as Armageddon, however. Gigantis simply could care less about the little humans slowly screwing up his planet now that Apocalypse is here, about to destroy all organic life on Earth.

Up next: Kronos
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chaozilla Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
man i'm so impressed! how wish i could draw as awesome as you are two thumbs and big toes up!
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
thanks! I know I did something right when I get toes up as well!
Edward-Cullen-X Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist
This guy is so badass and i hope he blows a big fucking right through Apocalypse Anti-Mattered face for what he did to godzilla and another thing why pick on Anguirus what did he ever do to you?
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
WOW! There is so much I cloud say on how incredible this picture is, I think I cloud go on for centuries adoring this picture.
Every little detail here is just beyond perfect its downright deveins.
The pose and the design are just bad-ass, but the part that truly takes this picture higher that any other is its unbelievable color work.
I mean this is what I call a masters art, the complicity in which the shades flow and placed take this already awesome monster into a whole new level of EPICNESS
I worship the way you color him, the unavoidable sense of this pic is like a volcano waiting to erupt.
It's just gouaching with raw power, and look like something forged in the heart of the sun or Earth is this case.

Truly one of your BEAST WORK EVER!!
JacobMatthewSpencer Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Looks very good
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
JacobMatthewSpencer Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
MonsterKingOfKarmen Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
FINALLY!!!!!! Ive been waiting for this moment for centuries! I have to say, this is definitely one of your best pieces ever. You truly, truly did and extremely badass job drawing Gigantis this time. He looks REALLY awesome as hell. You did an absolutely amazing job drawing him. The detail is just plain incredible, the colors are amazing, the pose is just badass, and his anatomy and body structure is very well done. He looks extremely powerful and strong. He definitely looks really awesome when seen from the front, or any angle. It brings me joy to see him have a change of heart. Truly phenomenal job dude :)

I also love the story too. Your REALLY great at writing them. Perhaps one day you should make a graphic novel or book on this. Its really a shame that many people died in order to save their lives. Judging by what you wrote, im assuming theyre all physically stronger? I mean, it sounded like Levi got pretty damn strong. Also, are Joe and Vic now fused to their mechs? It sounds like they literally became one with their machines. Or did Armageddon and Gigantis just made the mechs more organic?
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Thanks, I knew that you'd be freaking out over this moment. I just couldn't imagine Gigantis still being an asshat in the face of Apocalypse. Though I think it was Godzilla turning into SpaceGodzilla that did that. also, did you see what I did there with SpaceGodzilla?

As for the body count, Joseph, Victoria and Leviathan were all dead. I mean literally, dead as a doornail. That's why it took so much energy to bring them back. and no, Victoria and Joseph were not fused to the mechs. Armageddon and Gigantis repaired them, and they now have organic components rather than totally mechanical. pretty much, Archangel and RagnRok are now cyborgs, but they still don't have a mind of their own. think of the mechs in Evangleon, if you've seen that.
and for the last time, I don't write the story! It's now written entirely by my brother, John. I just draw the pictures and keep the story on the right track.
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