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Kaiju Wars: Godzilla by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Godzilla by Blabyloo229
Gigantis slept, deep underground, in an enormous pool of magma. Here, near the center of the Earth, there was an extraordinary amount of mana, the energy that fueled Gigantisí body. The heat of the magma was like a warm bath for the volcano titan, and usually calmed and refreshed Gigantis. Now, however, He seethed with rage beneath the boiling river. On the surface, the pitiful primates fought and squabbled. As they struggled endlessly, they were destroying the earth. The beautiful planet Gigantis had helped form was gone now, replaced by the sprawling, violent mess that was humanity.
Millions of years ago, his children were the dominant life forms. Vast, graceful reptilian creatures walked the earth. The great shadow came, and took that away from him. His children, the dinosaurs were all killed, or so Gigantis thought. One day, millions of years after the extinction, he felt something. Vibrations in the ground alerted him, and as he searched for the source, he felt a life-force that he hadnít felt for so long.
Gigantis could hardly believe it, had some of his children survived after all? He closed his eyes, and sent his consciousness out to see if it was true. To his joy he discovered a small island with a number of his children still alive. He went down through one of the lava tubes and shot off towards the island.
Gigantis exploded out of the earth, and saw the island in the distance. He could sense them, his children! He trumpeted with joy and swam towards the beach. He could hear a human plane overhead, but not even their presence could ruin this moment. Suddenly the plane released a small round object and took off. Gigantis watched in confusion as the object hurtled towards the earth. It radiated with an unfamiliar energy, twisted and grotesque compared to the mana he fed on.
The object exploded in a deafening boom and a blinding light. As the unfamiliar energy filled the air, and fell to the earth. The dinosaurs cried out in agony, either obliterated by the blast, or felled by the strange energy. Gigantis saw his children extinguished again, just like they were 65 million years ago. The strange energy reached him, and he doubled over in pain. He drew in an enormous amount of mana, halting the energies assault on his body. The island was perfectly silent, his children once more eradicated, and Gigantis was paralyzed with sorrow.
His blood boiled, the humans would pay for this atrocity! As he turned towards the water he heard a small noise, something had survived. He crashed through the forest, searching for the source of the sound. It was a small therapod, with spines running down its back. Gently picking it up, Gigantis sensed the evil energy inside of it. The radiation from the nuclear bomb had killed all other living things on the island, yet this one somehow survived. Frantically, Gigantis drew mana from the earth and poured it into the dying creature. Gigantis breathed a sigh of relief as the dinosaurs breathing returned to normal. He looked out at the horizon, the humanís reckoning would have to wait.
Over the next few years, Gigantis kept the creature alive by giving it mana. This energy reacted strangely with the radiation the permeated the dinosaur, and caused it to mutate. It grew larger every day, until it was as large as Gigantis was. In time, the aquatic dinosaur came out of its coma. It stumbled about and roared, trying to understand its new body. Gigantis carefully raised the creature, all the while feeding it mana.
In 1954, human time, the creature was first seen by humanity. It had left the underground caverns where Gigantis raised it, and swam freely in the ocean. It emerged just off the coast of Japan, and wandered into the countryside. Gigantis watched from a distance to ensure the safety of the creature. It soon came to Tokyo, and destroyed the city. For days, it terrorized the people of Japan. Gigantis watched silently with interest as the creature grew to infamy among the humans. When the top scientists of Japan developed a weapon that threatened the creature, Gigantis quickly intervened, and brought it back underground. Gigantis knew then that with his last son he would have his revenge on humanity. Together, they could destroy all human life and finally bring peace back to his world.
The Kaiju was named Godzilla by the Global Defense Force. It began to attack more and more frequently, targeting nuclear power plants as though punishing the humans for playing God with their weapons of mass destruction. Its attack on Tokyo was the first recorded kaiju attack in history. Godzilla grew to a creature of legend. When the Kiliaak invaded in 2007, it proved itself a nightmare to be feared by human and alien alike.

NAME: Godzilla
HEIGHT: 90 meters
WEIGHT: 60,000 tons
FACTION: Mutants
POWERS: Godzilla is a dangerous and unpredictable foe. Gigantisí mana and the nuclear radiation inside of it react violently with one another, generating power on a massive scale. This power allows him to fire a powerful nuclear beam from his mouth. The combination of mana and radiation that fills his body has given him a strange accelerated healing property, ensuring that any wounds are immediately healed. He possesses immense strength, able to lift kaiju larger than him off the ground. Godzilla also oozes radioactivity like a nuclear power plant, and leaves a trail of radiation wherever it goes. This does not harm kaiju much, but anything smaller than that is likely to be affected by the deadly energy.

Probably gonna get some flak for this, but you read that right. Godzilla is a mutant, and a bad guy here. he is something like an adopted son to Gigantis, and is greatly influenced by his father. Gigantis has mixed feelings about Godzilla, part of him loves him like a son, as he is the last of the dinosaurs, but on the other hand, he is living proof of humans destroying things he loves. had a lot of fun with big G here. hope you enjoy! I can't post one next week because i am going to a summer camp, but i will be posting two the week after that to make up for it!

up next: The kiliaak cyborg, Gigan! and the GDF battleship, the Gotengu! to be posted on July 27th
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SYMBIOTEZILLA Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member
Nice Gojira
Gouten-M7 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I actually like the turn of events in siding Big G with the Mutants faction. I mean, he may defend the Earth, but not for the same reasons as the other Earth Defenders. He's violent, unpredictable, and sometimes fights his allies. I think the re-alignment fits him well with this new origin story.
Isaacholt Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I don't want to be Captain Obvious here, but Godzilla belong to the Earth Defenders group, not the mutants.

Earth Defenders: monster that destroy human city, protect the Earth at any cost
Aliens: destroy humanity and conquer Earth 
Mutants: destroy all life on Earth and become the dominant species in the universe
GDFs (Global Defense Force): man-made machines/cyborgs that protect all human 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
actually, that is Godzilla's motivation.  His "father" is Gigantis, the immortal Earth Guardian who represents Power.  Gigantis hates humans, and wants to wipe them out, and so does Godzilla.  Though Goji's much less intelligent than Gigantis (who is billions of years old)  So yeah, Godzilla's a mutant.  You may want to read the story, I promise my butchery of toho canon makes sense.
Isaacholt Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
But that not what he is in the wii game "Godzilla Unleashed", and beside, a lot of people put Godzilla in this "Faction" Earth Defenders, so I go along with the other people option on those Factions.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
True, but I like to change things up a bit. My story is vastly different from toho canon.  for example, in my story, Ghidorah (here named Ghi-Darah, and pronounced with emphasis of the 'Darah') has only two heads for the duration of the story, his third was torn off by the main antagonist on the alien side, Kronos.  

Truth be told, putting Godzilla as a mutant, and by extension a bad guy, was done purposefully to surprise the reader.  
Isaacholt Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
We'll I guess the reason why he a mutant is base on his origin, right.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
that and the fact that he's allied with Gigantis.  He doesn't stay a mutant forever, though.  You should read the story!
Isaacholt Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Alright. But cool drawing, really got his good side.
gwarnage Featured By Owner May 20, 2014

And I begin my litany

Of peopled killed by mostly me

Anguirus, he's first in line

King Kong not far behind

Ripped a wing off Mothra

King Ghidorah not so squeamish

Monster Zero crushed by body

Ebirah claw-ripping

Giant Condor he expoloded

Kiras got his wings imploded

Brother Kiras with a body slam

Kumonga double fire

Ghidrah Two was kicked to death

Smashed flat was Gabara

Hedorah had to join the Navy


The Litany of the Vanquished

The Litany of the Slain

You know their names will someday vanish

Enshrined in death they shall remain


Gigan, death came quickly

Wagilar, slow and sickly

Mangled spleen of Mandella

Moguranda, yeah we betrayed ya

Crucified the Kastam-Jeller

Bested Mechagodzilla, threats were hollow

Titanosaurus waged his mortal combat

Jellar raped with wombat


The Litany of the Vanquished

the Garaborg yes he lost his tail

Kabutogi was drowned in hail

The Litany

Spyler was beaten badly

Dedragon was hacked and slashed up madly

of the Slain



Kabutogi waped til dead

Biollante fire through the head

You know their names

Ghidrah Three fire blast

Mecha Ghidrah with a meltdown fast

will someday vanish


Battra he was bit

Mechagodzilla Two was thricely billed

Enshrined in death

Spacegodzilla got a quickened death

Moguera had to face the music

they shall remain


Destroyah disemboweled

Mini Destroyahs raked and trowled

Orga had no luck

Meganulas with a fiery raid

Megaguirus she had her body blown up

Baragon was thricely blasted

Mothra Two with a body blaze

Ghidrah Four got blown up three times

Mechagodzilla Three icy blast

Mothra Three inferno

Bloody beatdown Kamoebas

Mechagigan was blown at face

Zilla stuck and skewered

Kumonga Two was manured

Hedorah Two was a fighter

Ebirah Two struck by lighter

Kiras Three what a joke

Monster X get a rope

Keizer Ghidorah hacked and mangled

Gotengo it's metals tangled

Firebird, death expected

Eartheater, resurrected

Stone Creatures a rocky mass

Megavolt Monsters spears up asses

The Seaweed Monster wasn't very scary

But Atlantis Colossus very hairy

Cyclops Monster he got trapped

Chimera napped and happed

Minotaur got horns knocked off

Double chest chop Sirens

Magnotaur saw his magnets flying

Breeder's death was never-ending


Time Dragon he never died

Diplodo did, though life he tried

Plant Monster crushed by bison

Kicked the shit out of Voltrang Monster

Fly Monster was burned and blasted

Had to hand a thing named Gravity Goliath

Ice people crushed by weights so heavy

Found the head of Octopus

Super X got crushed by building

Bashed and thrashed the Super X II

Giant Dragonfly was found

Jellyfish guts unwound

Red Bamboo blew up quickly

COBRA group rather wonky

Ant Queen's head was on a stick

Royal Ant Guard what a dick


Electric Eels run down by camel

Double arm rip Spider Crab

Sea Turtle got a spear up ass

Giant Ants quickly gassed

Antlion was executed

Giant Beetle electrocuted

Bee Queen murdered mama

Gruesome killing of Black Widow

The Mutos saw their guts spilling

Bagan saw the killing

Messy death for Red Ronin

Centipede Thing crushed with log

And that's what this song is for

The creatures that were killed by Godzilla

And that's what this song is for

So check in on the next Godzilla film

And that's what this song is for

So check in on the next Godzilla film

And that's what this song is for

The creatures that were killed by Godzilla

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