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Kaiju Wars: Kiryu by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Kiryu by Blabyloo229
“Identify yourself.” The camera droned,
“Mech Pilot Yashiro Akane, here to speak with the relieved Davis’.”
“Access granted,” and the door slid open. Yashiro stepped into the holding cell and ran over to Joseph. Since their mission to kill Hedorah the two pilots had grown close, and it killed her to see her friend in this state. The Davis’ were slumped on their cots, staring bleakly at the wall.
“My friends!” Yashiro said, “It is good to see you, but why are you in here?” She looked curiously at Joseph, “When I heard you were relieved I came right away.”
“Brooks has deemed us unstable elements, after what happened in London.” Joseph said.
“At risk for a potentially dangerous outburst,” Victoria droned, “At least that was what they said about me.”
Yashiro looked confused, “But, I heard what happened with Talos, you totally destroyed him!”
Victoria nodded, “And now they’ve seen that we’ve changed after London, and they’re afraid of us.”
“Especially with our connection to Armageddon,” Joseph added.
“Ah.” Yashiro said quietly, “Joseph, I know you said the kaiju has spoken to you, but they just don’t do that.”
“They do.” Joseph said quickly, “They think and speak just like you and me, and a lot of them are smarter than the people in charge of us. They’ve got us locked up in here when they should be preparing for Apocalypse’s return!”
“They’re just scared Joseph, they don’t want to believe that there’s a bigger danger than the Kiliaak out there.” She smiled, “But I believe you Joseph, and you two aren’t the only Pilots. When Apocalypse comes back Kiryu and I will be ready.”
Joseph’s face fell, and he shook his head, “I appreciate the sentiment Yashiro, but Apocalypse is more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen. If it’s just you against him…” His voice trailed off and he looked away quickly.
Before Yashiro could speak her transponder began buzzing. Brooks’ face appeared over her wrist device, “Pilot Akane, we have a class two kaiju outbreak in Bangkok, we need you there now!”
“On my way sir,” she said, and she turned the device off. Without another word she sprinted off.
“Well,” Victoria said, “Nice to see your girlfriend again. Glad to see she’s ready to die trying to stop Apocalypse.”
“Shut up Vic…”
Kiryu ducked under the giant mantis’ attack, and impaled it on her sword. She turned and opened fire into the crowd of bugs, mowing the monstrosities down. For some reason a normally docile colony of Kamakurai had gone berserk, and had flown from their home to the nearest human city. Kiryu was stronger than them, but there were many of them, and Kiryu was only one mech. Yashiro cried out as two of them jumped onto her back, pinning her to the ground. She struggled, but they swarmed over her. Alarms were flashing across the board, when suddenly beams of energy fried the creatures off of her. Strong arms lifted Kiryu onto its feet, and Yashiro found herself looking into the eyes of Leviathan.
[Greetings human hero,] a cool voice echoed in her mind, [I have come to help you.]
Leviathan turned around and activated his energy armor from the gems in his body. He growled at the advancing insects, and fired beams of light that fried anything it touched. He roared and charged into the horde, biting and smashing anything in his path. Yashiro shook away her confusion and charged roaring after him. In minutes they had annihilated every single one of the giant mantis’, and the battlefield reeked with the stench of their charred corpses. Leviathan walked over to Kiryu again.
[A good fight, the humans continue to prove their worth. I am looking for the humans known as Joseph and Victoria Davis, they inhabit creatures similar to the metal dragon in which you currently reside.]
Yashiro blinked in surprise, she had read the Russian’s report, she knew Leviathan was capable of speech, but this was like what Joseph had described Armageddon doing! Stranger still was the fact that he was looking for her friends. She activated Kiryu’s speakers, “Greetings Leviathan, thank you for your assistance.” He nodded his head in acknowledgement and Yashiro continued, “The Davis’ are my friends, but they are being held in a human military base, our superiors have deemed them ‘unfit for duty’ but they are safe.”
Leviathan tilted his head in confusion, [None can claim to be superior to the Davis’, they are humanities last hope.]
“What do you mean last hope?” Yashiro asked.
[The titan Armageddon asked me to look for them, he says that-” suddenly a harsh whining noise filled the air. The bodies of the Kamakurai begin twitching, and slowly a black shadowy substance rose out of their bodies. The shadow substance morphed into twisted replicas of the fallen mantis’. The new monsters turned towards Leviathan and Kiryu and hissed with rage. Leviathan narrowed his eyes and said, [It begins…]
NAME: Kiryu
HEIGHT: 80 meters
WEIGHT: 40,000 tons

BIO: Kiryu remains the most advanced mech created by the GDF, despite being surpassed by the newly reborn RagnRok and ArchAngel. its energy core is reverse engineered from the same Kiliaak technology, using manufactured dark matter to provide a sustainable power source, even in the most intense of situations. Armed to the teeth, Kiryu has more lasers than even the most intense raves. On its left arm is a laser sword, like ArchAngels. on its right is a weapon dubbed the "gatling maser" firing maser rounds at high velocity. its mouth is equipped with a long range projectile as well, and the shoulder packs fire missiles. Kiryu's most devastating weapon is the Absolute zero Cannon, a short range beam that sucks every bit of heat from its target, reducing its temperature to zero degrees Kelvin.
here we have my favorite Toho mecha, the great steel dragon Kiryu! While mechs are not my strong point (I can never get the shading to look... shiny enough) I still enjoy the challenge of drawing them! this chapter also includes one of the story's greatest heroes, who has been absent for far too long, Leviathan! ah, we all love the big shark bro, don't we? we've finally introduced all the characters, and it's time to stop faffing about!!

up next: (after a brief intermission) The return of the star-spawned horror!…
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Thekaijulord Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Artist
man i love this kiryu 
gojifan1954 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Just wanted to say that whoever this image belongs to, I am assuming it's you, thank you. I will be going under the needle tomorrow and getting this image on my left bicep. I have Matt Frank's design of Burning Godzilla on my right one. I was originally going to do his version of Kiryu but after seeing this one I couldn't pass it up. 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
You know, you're usually supposed to ask first.  I mean, I'm flattered that you want my art on your body (though frankly, you probably could pick a better picture than that) however, it's sort of rude to just do this without the artist's permission.  I am, after all, the owner of this image.  Show a little respect, and please don't do something like this without asking.  That being said, send me a picture when it's done.  I'll want to see it :)

 Maybe next time you want a tattoo, drop me a line and I'll draw one special for you on commission.  
gojifan1954 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
I see where you are coming from about wanting to protect your art but frankly there are four or five people claiming this image is theirs. Without concrete proof who it belongs to, no offense but it's not like it's a copyrighted image considering it's not your character and I am certain Toho didn't commission it, I simply chose to thank them all before I got the work done and leave it at that. I am sorry you considered me thanking you rude but I spent an hour last night on different Facebook pages, groups and forums talking to and thanking people who claimed the work was theirs for it. If it is yours then by all means I apologize for not asking first but you aren't the only one claiming this image or any of the others you have posted are your own and since it isn't signed like the Matt Frank piece I have then I'm not going to spend a ridiculous amount of time tracking someone down. If anyone was making money off of it then yeah, I would spend more time on it but even the guy doing it isn't making any money. He's a good friend and damn good tattoo artist that owes me a favor. Speaking of Matt even when I did contact him beforehand I didn't ask permission, I just told him I wanted to and he was nothing but flattered. He certainly didn't call me rude in the e-mail exchange we had about it. I won't be bothering you again and I won't be using any of the images you have pictured on your profile just in case you are the original artist. 
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
I see. I assure you, I drew all the pictures in my gallery. I was unaware that there are others claiming this piece, and that you aren't sure I'm the original artist. In that case, I understand why this happened, and what the problem was. I apologize for calling you rude. And yes, though this is toho's character, it's my design, my artwork and my interpretation of it to be used for my story, Like I said, I have no problem with you getting the tattoo. Can you please send me a link to some of those Facebook pages who claim it's theirs?
excahm Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Go! Go! Go! Power ranger Megazords XD

he actully looks like that per see which is good
Tojunior Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
*Cough* I ship it *Cough*
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Leviathan and Yashiro?  That's certainly a new one.  Of course you probably mean Yashiro and Joseph, which is less new, but crack ships are fun
Tojunior Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the image...
SethHM Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
kaijusaurus387 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome
JacobS-KaijuCreator Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013   Traditional Artist
Looks pretty cool
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