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Kaiju Wars: Mecha Ghi-Darah by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Mecha Ghi-Darah by Blabyloo229
Ghi-Darah lunged towards his old foe and tackled him. They rolled through the sand, Kronos desperately trying to shield himself. “Kraken!” He cried, “Help me!”
Kraken ran over to his fallen master and grabbed Ghi-Darah by the neck. Turning around he flipped the struggling dragon into the air. Ghi-Darah struggled to right himself, and hovered in the air, “Kronos!” He shrieked, “I will have my revenge!” He narrowed his remaining eyes and swooped in for another attack.
Suddenly the sound of thundering hoof beats came from over the horizon, and bolt of lightning flew out and knocked Ghi-Darah out of the sky. A roar like a bellowing hippopotamus echoed over the desert, and a massive creature came galloping over the dunes. It was huge, taller than Kronos or Kraken, even taller than the Destroyer. It ran in between the combatants and stamped its feet, bellowing and snorting furiously.
Kronos and Kraken slowly backed up, they had never seen this creature, but it didn’t look friendly. It leaned in towards them and suddenly Kronos saw an image in his mind, it was the earth monster Mothra speaking, “It is our duty as guardians to protect all living creatures.” The vision ended and the monster trotted over to Ghi-Darah’s prone form. Leaning it’s head down it released a glowing trail of energy out of its body that flowed over Ghi-Darah, healing his wounds. Bewildered, Ghi-Darah sprung to his feet and looked himself over. Looking back at Kronos he began to advance, but the creature stepped in between them and snorted disapprovingly. Ghi-Darah shrank under the creatures withering gaze, and then eyed Kronos carefully. Kronos looked back at him, and then looked at the creature in confusion. He felt something tugging on his cloak, and turned to see Kraken trying to get his attention. “What is it Kraken?” He asked.
The AI responded, “That is T’wiggawatt, the most recently sighted earth Kaiju. GDF records indicate that he had only just emerged a few months before the London event. He is classified as “Earth Defender,” along with the kaiju Armageddon, Gigantis, and Mothra.”
Kronos turned back to the beast, “So, your name is T’wiggawatt?” The beast’s face lit up at the sound of his name and nodded eagerly. “And you’re a defender of earth?” T’wiggawatt shook his head, and ran the image of Mothra through Kronos’ mind again. Kronos coughed and corrected himself, “All life then?” T’wiggawatt nodded his head and grunted happily.
Behind him Ghi-Darah roared angrily, “Kronos! Don’t get distracted! Today we settle our score! Today we…” He was cut off by T’wiggawatt whirling around and bellowing in his face.
Kronos leaned over the roaring behemoth and said tauntingly, “Best watch yourself; our friend here doesn’t seem to enjoy your hostilities.” Ghi-Darah screeched in fury and launched himself skyward, only for T’wiggawatt to reach up and bite onto his foot, pulling him back down to the dirt. He placed an enormous hoof on Ghi-Darah’s chest, and sent another flow of energy into him. This one calmed him down, ceasing his struggles.
Kronos walked over and patted T’wiggawatt’s flank, “Thank you very much T’wiggawatt, we don’t want anyone to get hurt now do we?” T’wiggawatt grinned and snorted happily. Kronos leaned down and spoke to Ghi-Darah, “I have no desire to fight you Ghi-Darah, the Kiliaak are all traitorous worms, and I have to stop them.”
Ghi-Darah laughed weakly, “Oh, life is so ironic Kronos. Have you forgotten who it was who cast me out in the first place?”
“The Kiliaak did.” Kronos replied, “It was they who stripped me of my rank in the first place, it was they who allowed me to challenge you, it was they who used us for their own means, and now they have allied themselves with the Destroyer himself.”
Ghi-Darah was silent for a moment. He mulled over Kronos’ words with the voice in the machine. His logic made sense, but the stump from his missing head reminded Ghi-Darah why he wanted Kronos dead.
He is right Ghi-Darah, the voice said, How could we have been so blind? It was the Kiliaak, it was always them.
“They used us,” Ghi-Darah mumbled,
Treated us like an animal.
Ghi-Darah narrowed his eyes, “Like a tool.”
Kronos looked at Kraken in confusion, but the beast as usual stared blankly forward. Again Kronos was worried about his creation.
“Kronos.” Ghi-Darah said, calling his attention back to the prone dragon, T’wigga-Watt’s hoof still holding him down, “You’re right. The Kiliaak must be destroyed. This did this to me, to us. Please tell your new pet to get off of me.”
Kronos patted Twiggawatt and motioned for him to get off. Ghi-Darah pulled himself to his feet and continued to bicker to himself. He turned to Kronos and nodded his heads, “We will help you Kronos, together we will destroy the ones who did this to us.” He turned away and continued his conversation with himself.
Kronos looked up at T’wiggawatt, “And what about you, will you stay with me?” T’wiggawatt looked conflicted, and slowly a stammering voice floated into Kronos’ mind, [K-Kiliaak…hurt you?]
Kronos nodded his head and said slowly. “Yes T’wiggawatt, the Kiliaak want to destroy life. Will you help me stop them?”
T’wiggawatt nodded and growled. He leaned over and nuzzled Kronos’ shoulder, replaying the image of Mothra one more time.
Kronos looked at his band of misfits, “A child with godlike power, my own damaged creation, a maniac, and a fallen warlord.” he muttered darkly, “It’ll have to do.”

NAME: Ghi-Darah
HEIGHT: 125 meters
WEIGHT: 65,000 tons
FACTION: Mutants

BIO: Having been cast out by the Kiliaak, and hated by the inhabitants of Earth, Ghi-Darah simply wishes to stay out of the way. In his time on Earth, he has discovered a way to fool the sensors of the GDF, allowing him to stay hidden. Ghi-Darah is still a powerful foe, though his mind is still damaged. Armed with laser enhanced gravity beams fired from his two mouths, Ghi-Darah is a dangerous foe at long range. He is able to fly very fast, assisted by jets in his back and robotic wings. when in close range, Ghi-Darah viciously attacks with his clawed feet and razor sharp teeth.

I always considered Mecha Ghi-Darah to be one of my best pictures from GA Series three, and I'm still impressed with how this one came out. anyway, we're picking up where we left off with Kronos and his group. Also, we're introducing T'wigga-Watt, my enormous giraffe kaiju. I've got a lot planned for this guy. Despite acting like a child now, he'll grow up to be a well developed hero soon enough!

Up next: T'wigga-Watt…
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Gouten-M7 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I really like this band of misfits being set up here. Should be interesting.
randomemaster360 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This design is so cool ! And the story is also very good. Very well done !
Godzillajtn Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AWESOME!!! That was an awesome story and Mecha Ghi-Darah looks really bad-a**! Great work!
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Godzillajtn Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome!
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow dude, i really love this story! Its really interesting to see how it turned. However, i was expecting that Kronos would become good and Ghidarah would join him in his efforts. However, i wasn't expecting Twigga to join them. It would be like a kid partnering up with a bunch of old fellons lol. I bet it was intentional though. I bet Mothra sent him to lead that team in the right direction. He seems extremely nice, gentle, and happy despite his huge size and power. Hes going to become quite the powerful hero when he matures. I just want to know, WHERE THE HELL IS MOTHRA!?!?!

I really love this story you guys. You HAVE to make a comic out of this in the future. You HAVE too! This story is just too damn good to pass up. You two really have potential. I really cant wait to read more :)
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
That's a pretty good analogy,the bit with the kid and the felons. and trust me, Mothra certainly wouldn't want to send her precious baby to those bad monsters! All T'wigga-watt knows is that he's supposed to be preserving life (mostly by preventing death) Kronos was quite polite to him, and didn't seem threatening, so he saw no reason not to join up with him to stop the Kiliaak from taking lives.

as for mothra, she's a pacifist. she doesn't do a lot of fighting, but she's still working. she's been doing her best to "repair" the earth, bringing the flora and fauna back and healing the scorched earth. she's been busy, but she absolutely will not kill a living thing.

Phew, comics are a lot of work! besides, there's nothing wrong with good old written words!
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Why thank you. However, im pretty sure there was some intention of this. I mean, she wouldnt let her child roam randomly especially since there was so much evil about. I find it funny that he was walking around like he was walking through a field of flowers. I cant imagine how he would think they were "good". I mean, it would be like a child hanging out with Freddy Cougar and Jason Vorhez lol.

As for Mothra being a pacifist, thats a bunch of bull. She restores life after it gets destroyed? What kind of shit is that!? She should be helping to prevent the loss of life not acting as a garbagewoman!

Yeah, they are a lot of work however the benefits of it are phenomenal. I mean, you can earn money as well as recognition for your talents. And who says it had to be a paper comic? You could make it a web comic. And what? You think the words you see in comics are randomly generated on the computer?
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
T'wigga-watt can take care of himself. notice how quickly he stopped Ghi-Darah from attacking. Mothra really has no issues with letting him roam. And he doesn't really think of them as good or evil. Kronos was nice enough and he didn't have a reason to not lend a hoof. Ghi-darah, however, needed to be calmed down first. T'wigga-watt is a simple creature. as long as you aren't actively a threat to something under his protection, he'll be nothin but nice.

And Mothra still fights, she just refuses kill things (remember that she was the one who beat back Ghi-Darah, resulting in his mechanization). Just like Leviathan, she's still getting into fights and helping the war effort. It's just that she's not being focused on right this second.

she's the heroine Earth deserves, but not the one the story is focusing on right now. so say that she's a garbagewoman, because she can take it. She's not a main protagonist. she's a silent guardian. A supporting character. a dark knight.
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I know. I mean, just like Kronos said, hes a child with godlike power. The thing i dont get is why was he born extremely gigantic instead of starting off small? At this point hes basically a full grown man with a mind of a 5 year old lol. It makes you think. How were Armageddon and Gigantis when they were kids lol?

I dont know, shes seems to be quite lazy. I mean, there were so many other things she could have helped out on. Armageddon and Gigantis were always on the scene, but she wasnt. I should have not called her a garbage woman. I actually meant a janitor. So Mothra is now :iconbatmanplz: uh? Looks like Kraken has some work to do lol.

Whos talking to me by the way? I have a feeling its Aniki cause Blaby doesnt seem to know much about the story lol.
Blabyloo229 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
T'wigga-Watt is actually a few thousand years old. He only just woke up recently. as I said when I introduced him, he's been here since the "the time of great cold" as Mothra said. he's been growing, proportional to the growth of mammalian life. by now, he's enormous, even if he is mentally childish.

As I said, Mothra is off doing her part, we just don't hear about it because she's a supporting character.

also, that's a little mean. This is blabyloo (I swear, Aniki needs to get an account, he's so lazy) I know just as much about the story as he does. Aniki just likes being a jerk about it.
Groudan383 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Oh yeah, i forgot about that. Its still funny to imagine when Armageddon and Gigantis where probably like that. So they grow proportional to they type of life on the planet? So during prehistoric times, were Armageddon and Gigantis a lot larger?

Lazy supporting character, but i get what you mean. Kinda wish she was more active. I mean, shes pissed off at her brothers for killing all those people, but if she were there she might have prevented that.

I was just kidding. However, i do apologize. It was kinda mean. I thought your brother had an account? If he doesn't, why dont you make one for him?
Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so damn awesome!

I just love Ghi-Darah's look in this picture!
His so furiously bad-ass, and the way his body is so mechanical yet a little mutilated really termites the horrible thing's that the Kiliaak did to him.

Great work man! It's one of you're beast pictures of Ghi-Darah, and it actually made me feel sorry for him!
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