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August 10, 2012
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Kaiju Wars: Orga by Blabyloo229 Kaiju Wars: Orga by Blabyloo229
Talos silently walked, searching the earth.
For decades, this was the life of the fallen God. Ignoring everything save the target, it scoured the dark corners of the earth for Him. The one who took the vengeance that rightfully belonged to Talos, the hated Leviathan. Its pistons squealed and hissed as steam gushed from them. The body that once gleamed in the sun like a god on earth was now falling to pieces. As Humanity fought on with the Kiliaak, as the gods of the earth fought amongst themselves, even as the very heavens crashed to earth, Talos walked, and searched.
Now, this quest took the titan to the smoldering remnants of a human city. A monster stood among the wreckage over the broken body of some earthly kaiju. Talos quickly examined both, and when It had decided that neither beast was Leviathan, it lumbered onward. The kaiju in the city took notice of Talos, and grunted as it came closer.
… … …
Orga looked curiously at this strange metal creature that appeared. The hulking beast was young, only created recently by the Kiliaak. It was dropped, unceremoniously, to the earth with one order, to destroy everything in its path. This order came once again to Orga’s developing mind as it charged Talos.
The Automaton saw the brutish creature coming closer. Talos stayed perfectly still as Orga raised its arms and roared. Just as Orga brought its huge arms down, Talos dodged to the side.
Talos swung its immense sword in a sweeping arc. Dark green blood splashed as the blade sliced off the attacking monster’s fist. Orga’s mind exploded with this new sensation. Its mind struggled to cope with this unfamiliar feeling. As Orga reeled with the pain, the wound steamed, then began to bubble like boiling water. Talos’ mechanical eyes watched with slight interest as the bloody stump expanded. Within a few minutes, the wound had closed completely around the wrist, leaving a blunt stump. Orga grunted again, and ran at Talos, charging with all of its weight in one shoulder. The alien creation lunged with impossible speed, and Talos only barely managed to avoid the attack. As Orga’s charge ended, it spun around and fired a blast of yellow energy from a hole set squarely between its shoulders. Talos was unable to dodge this attack, and staggered back as the beam struck it. Power levels of Talos’ engine fell, and acrid smoke belched from the pipes on its back as the engine struggled to retain optimum power levels.
Talos staggered as power slowly returned to the system. Clearly, there was more to this thing than met the optics. Talos readied itself for another attack, but a sound came from behind that stopped it in its tracks. It was a shrill metallic screech that Talos recognized instantly. Talos spun around to face him. Sure enough, the disgusting cockroach stood before Talos. It was Megalon, in all his vile insectoid glory. He had survived Leviathan’s rampage, and was recovered by the Kiliaak. Kronos had sent him along to safeguard his latest creation. The bug seemed equally shocked to see Talos, and even took a step closer out of curiosity. Talos’ mind went almost blank as the AI struggled to comprehend what was before it. Somehow, after years of searching for Leviathan, Talos had come face-to-face with the cause of all its despair. Megalon.
Talos’ AI was a blind whirlwind of crimson hatred. With a screech like tortured metal, it roared and charged at Megalon. Neither the alien nor the bug had time to react before Talos’ cold bronze claws closed around Megalon’s face. Pistons squealed as Talos’ claw tightened until Megalon’s face cracked. Talos squeezed tighter, and Megalon’s carapace shattered, spraying a strange yellow fluid everywhere. Talos pulled Megalon closer then stabbed through his chest and lifted him into the air. As Talos roared with triumph, it released Megalon’s face, leaving a crushed, dripping mess. Megalon let out a weak cry, little more than a whisper, as his weight pulled him further onto Talos’ sword. Talos just stood there, holding the immense insect aloft.
Behind him Orga roared in challenge, as if to remind the automaton that he was still there. Talos narrowed its optics, and spun around, tossing Megalon’s corpse at Orga. The weight of the bug’s body knocked Orga to the ground, giving Talos time to close the distance. He tightened his claw around the Alien’s throat and tilted his head up.
Orga thrashed in fear. The young creature still had almost no idea what was happening. Talos mulled it over for a fraction of a millisecond before making its decision. The green sphere on Talos’ arm glowed, and then fired. The laser blasted a hole through Orga’s throat, leaving the monster gurgling and clutching at its neck. Talos threw Orga aside, and continued walking. Orga landed, and to Talos’ surprise rose up again, charging at Talos once more. Before Orga connected, a red light filled the air, and the alien disappeared in a blinding flash, teleported back to the Kiliaak flagship.
Kronos was furious. What was this new weapon that so easily defeated his new toy? He slammed his fist against the holodeck, “Sneak! Have you been so lax in your duties that the humans have constructed a new weapon without my knowing?” The Davis’ victory at Chicago was still fresh in his mind, another defeat like would be crippling for his public image.
The Councilman of Espionage straightened in shocked indigence, and looked to the High Commander for support. The Commander sighed in annoyance, “Remember who gave you your power Tahng. You would do well to remember that it was the Kiliaak that gave it to you, and the Kiliaak you serve.” Kronos growled, but did not speak further. He looked back at the Councilman.
“I remember this thing. It was the God of the Seatopians before we gave them Megalon. I’m surprised to see it; it was supposed to be destroyed to prevent exactly this from happening.” The Councilman said.
Kronos looked down and wringed his hands in thought. “We must take care with this thing in the future; we cannot allow it to interfere with our plans. Councilman, keep an eye on it, and warn me of its path.”
NAME: Orga
HEIGHT: 65 meters
WEIGHT: 70,000 tons

POWERS: Orga possesses what may be the strongest regenerative ability of any known kaiju. small wounds can heal in a matter of minutes, and even a severed limb will be completely replaced within seven days. between his shoulders is an unidentified type of beam weapon that fires a yellow laser. lastly, Orga is immensely physically powerful, and far more agile than he would first appear.

WEAKNESS: Orga is a very recent creation by the Kiliaak. his mind is not fully developed, it seems, and he appears to still be testing the limits of his body. His mind is like that of a child, and he needs guidance to operate safely on missions.

{Here we are with you weekly dose of kaiju entertainment, along with the return of Talos! that guy's been doing nothing for way too long. and see? I told you Megalon'd be back! too bad he died... tune in next week for more giant monster-y goodness!}

Next week: Mecha-Ghidorah
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BitchinViagra Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Nice, I like how you put the cannon in the middle like that. It looks better that way.
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So whos going to come after MG? Biollente?
JacobMatthewSpencer Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
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